New From Mattel- Wild Hearts Crew

Finally, something new is hitting the doll market! From Mattel, creators of the iconic Barbie doll, comes a brand new line of dolls- the Wild Hearts Crew. With a release date of July 2019, the Wild Hearts Crew will be exclusive to Walmart stores. From Mattel, the line is all about “celebrating those that wear their heart on their sleeves, the Wild Hearts Crew is a sisterhood of girls challenging everyone, everywhere to #DareToBeDifferent. Join the crew this July at Walmart stores across the US! #WildHeartsCrew”.

Characters include musician Cori Cruize, photographer Kenna Roswell, skater Jacy Masters, dreamer Rallee Radmore, and rocker Charlie Lake.
The five uniquely articulated dolls feature new body types, as you can see from the promo photo. Mattel is definitely playing on the ‘curvy’ body type, but on a shorter doll. Judging by the promo photos, Mattel decided to take the cool styling of old school Monster High dolls and bring it into the real world with these fun punk looks.

Interestingly, some say that these dolls look like a take off of the recent Jem and the Holograms comics.  I can see where they’re coming from! Customizers could easily create their own versions of the comic characters using these dolls as a base, at least for Aja, Shana and Kimber.

I’m excited about the Wild Hearts Crew. It looks like a fun line that could replicate or even rival the success of Monster High and Ever After High. What do you think of the Wild Hearts Crew? Are you excited to add them to your collection? Let us know in the comment area!

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  1. DoveCG replied:

    I think I’d love to have at least once since they look visually interesting, are articulated, and now I’m intrigued by their height/proportions… but I’m so irritated that all the newer lines are exclusives of Walmart! (Fresh Dolls, Boxy Girls, #Snapstars… at least the Fresh Dolls have a website.) Target is much easier for me to get to; all of the Walmarts in my area are currently out of my way (and one of them has the worst parking lot I’ve ever experienced; I’d only been there multiple times because I used to work at another store in the same strip mall and I lived closer at the time.)

    I know Walmarts are actually pretty common overall so this might help smaller towns but an exclusive just isn’t necessary… unless it’s a tactic to get people to buy stuff off their website too? Hrmm… Except I don’t think shipping is an option, it only goes to the store? Eh. I may have to look into that.

    Thanks for the mention, I wouldn’t have known about them otherwise, and Jem and the Holograms customs would be pretty cool! I need to look into that comic too. 🙂

    • DoveCG replied:

      Forgot to add, Fresh Dolls didn’t start out exclusive but I know over the past year or two they stopped carrying them in Target and so far none of the newer dolls are available on Amazon.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’m a bit frustrated with all the store exclusive lines, too. It makes it harder to find things, that’s for sure!

      • DoveCG replied:

        So, as a follow-up, I saw Boxy Girls in Target recently! And SnapStar listed on Amazon by Amazon (instead of just resellers; the pictures alone are different so I’m pretty sure Amazon didn’t have actual pages for them before.) I guess Walmart is only doing temporary exclusives? That’s a small relief, if so.

        • kewpie83 replied:

          Yeah, I agree– they were probably only temporary exclusives.

  2. Teresa B replied:

    I am LOVING the hair and face sculpts! If there is lack of clothing for these dolls I wouldn’t have an issue with a head transplant on a Barbie body. Although I hate doing that so let’s hope they have a substantial wardrobe!

  3. Taswegian1957 replied:

    They look quite nice. I’d love to see a few more pictures but on what I’ve seen I like the articulation, the face sculpts and the more natural body shape. I’m not so crazy about the hair colours but that’s just personal taste on my part. It is too bad that Australians will probably only be able to buy them on the secondary market but for their target market, I think they ought to do pretty well. I hope they will have clothing. Fashion dolls should have clothing.

  4. Beatrix Kiddo replied:

    The face sculpts look very interesting.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I agree. I am looking forward to seeing them in person!

  5. Miranda Farber replied:

    I really like them they r cute. Id love to get the whole set. My daughter might even want one.

  6. Stardustceiling replied:

    These really do have a Jem and the Holograms look to me, which makes me VERY happy. I am not a fan of the new JatH comics, though it’s nice that people are keeping it going through that medium and I’m not against it. But I love the old cartoon and dolls and that’s more my style, and I loved the Integrity dolls which I could not afford. I don’t need JatH updated for a new Generation, I like it just the way it is, after all it was very ahead of it’s time. But with these Wild Hearts Crew dolls being so reasonably priced, I think if you redressed them/redid their hair a bit, you could make them look more like the old dolls for a fun JatH group for cheap.

    Still the WHC dolls concept, clothing, and packaging on it’s own is really adorable. Very 80’s-90’s which I like a lot. I love the faces. They’re very attractive and cartoonish/not trying to be real. Which I like, because I like the anime look. It’s so nice to see fun new dolls that are articulated, and at this price point, that is amazing. Mattel seems to be improving after hitting rock bottom. I’m glad to see that, it was pretty dry there for a while. I’m sure I am going to have to have these new dolls and yes, I am excited about them too. Can’t wait to see you and your Mom talk about them on your YouTube channel. 😊

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I wasn’t crazy about the comics, either. Not a fan of the art or the storylines. I really wanted to like it, but alas… There are certian things that shouldn’t be messed with and the main plot points in Jem are one of them. We hope to talk about Wild Hearts Crew soon– still looking!

  7. Anonymous replied:

    The looks of these dolls makes me happy! And being a part of the punk lifestyle, these do please me! About time there were some dolls in this world that have a punk theme to them tbh!

  8. kharma replied:

    I just picked up two and gosh, I love them. The fabric choices are nice, although not the best quality stitchwork. The color coordination is pretty good. I really love the body models and the face sculpts, and the eye makeup. Overall, really recommend.

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