A Girl for All Time’s Crowdfunding Plan

Launched in 2012, A Girl for All Time has made quite the impact on the doll world. This doll line, which was created to promote a positive message about femininity in an intelligent way while encouraging creative play, has gained a passionate following over the past seven years. With two doll ranges under their umbrella and a number of outfits, A Girl for All Time has succeeded in creating and producing gorgeous, unique products that inspire play and help children connect with their past through the companies historical and modern line.

As we’ve seen with companies large and small, the current manufacturing practices aren’t making it easy on doll companies. We’ve seen some close their doors because of this, but not A Girl for All Time. They’ve decided to fight the changing market by changing with it! In 2019, A Girl for All Time is focusing their efforts on several crowdfunding projects, which will expand and refresh their current line. Some of these crowdfunding projects are for dolls you’ve seen in the past, including characters like Matilda and Lydia. Others are brand new dolls like Max: Your Modern Boy. Unlike past crowdfunding efforts, where dolls were funded through Kickstarter and Indiegogo, these campaigns are all being hosted in-house, meaning A Girl for All Time has more control over all the aspects of the campaign.

Currently, the company has a three tier system in place. Tier 1 is the campaign for funds, where you (the potential purchaser) pledge a certain amount of money for a ‘reward’, in this case the doll at a special campaign price. The more people who pledge in advance set the stage for the rest of production. If a project isn’t funded in the time allotted, all funds go back to those who pledged, leaving the doll/product unproduced. However, if a project hits its goal, the crowdfunding moves onto Tier 2 (pre-order price) and Tier 3 (full price). Read more about the upcoming crowdfunding campaigns on A Girl for All Time’s Crowdfunding FAQ page.

Crowdfunding begins May 19th, 2019 on their website. For up to date crowdfunding information, make sure to ‘like’ A Girl for All Time on Facebook and follow them on Instagram. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this new plan from A Girl for All Time in the comment area!

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