Dolly Review: Maudlynne Macabre by Tonner Toys

Back in February, I picked up Maudlynne Macabre by Tonner Toys for $35.00.  I had been eying her since she debuted, but her $45.00 price tag was just a bit steep for me to justify.  When Tonner offered her for a lower price during Toy Fair, I couldn’t resist.  Since that time, I’ve been meaning to do a review on her.  Many people commented on Maudlynne after I featured her as set decoration in my Collector Spotlight, so I think the time to talk about her is now!

Maudlynne Macabre

Maudlynne Macabre

Let’s start off with the basics.  Maudlynne stands at a whopping 15 inches tall and has 10 joints (neck, shoulders, elbows, thighs, knees, torso).  She’s made of plastic.  Unlike Tonner Toys Little Miss Matched doll line, Maudlynne is not sold in stores like Toys R Us.

Maudlynne has an adorable face.  One part Wednesday Addams, one part Susie Sad Eyes, Maudlynne stands out amongst other 15 inch dolls.  Her heart shaped face goes perfect with her large, purple, almond eyes.  She has rooted black hair with bangs/fringe that works fantastically well with her face mold.



As far as her hair goes,  I don’t see anything wrong with it.  It’s a basic enough hair style that you can ‘dress it up’ however you’d like.  There’s not an over abundance of hair plugs, but enough to keep her hair looking full!

While the prototype outfit is made out of slightly different materials, factory Maudlynne still has a great sense of style.  The dress is made out of thinner material than expected and to be honest, I thought she’d have a slip of some sort, but both of those are minor issues (and mostly based on my own assumptions)!  I do love the ‘two tone’ look to the fabric and the cut of the dress is great.  It’s simple, yet has character.



The only downfall I really have found with Maudlynne‘s attire is the material used for her fingerless gloves.  It slips and slides a lot and isn’t the most easy fabric to put back on if you’re playing around with outfits.  The look, however, is quite cool!  Maudlynne‘s shoes are similar to Little Miss Matched.

Shoes and Tights

Shoes and Tights

How does Maudlynne pose?  Well enough, I say.  She stands and holds poses well.   As previously mentioned, she has 10 joints and you can do a good deal with them.



The ten joints include: neck, elbows (2), shoulders (2), chest, thighs (2), and knees (2).

Notice the Joint

Notice the Joint

The downfall of her jointing is that Maudlynne is lacking wrist and ankle joints.

No Wrist Joint

No Wrist Joint

I would love if Maudlynne had the ability to hold objects in the palm of her hand or to place the palm of her hand on a suface.  To me, the wrist joint is very important in photographing your dolls in realistic positions and I’m surprised Tonner Toys left it out of Maudlynne.



Overall, I really do like my Maudlynne doll and the line is only just beginning.  I’m hopeful they’ll release a Victoria doll, Maudlynne’s best (ghost) friend, and I hear there are fashion packs in the works, too!  Is she worth $45.00.  It really depends on you.  I think she’s totally worth the $35.00 I spent on her. 



Maudlynne is a doll that oozes character and is adorable to boot!  I am looking forward to seeing what Tonner Toys releases next!

For those of you that YouTube, I put together a video review for this girl.

What do you think of Maudlynne?  What would you like to see in her doll line?  Do you think they can improve upon her?  Share your thoughts below!


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  1. mizzmoxie replied:

    Thanks for this one! I really wanted her but I really want her MORE now!
    I am curious about something; Is doll reviewing your job?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I wish! Alas, it’s a hobby. The only revenue I make off of my reviews is the occasional (*very* occasional, like once in a blue moon occasional) free item and a few pennies per YT views! Most of my week, I’m sitting at a library reference desk answering patron’s questions! I recommend adding Maudlynne to any doll collection. She’s great!

  2. Molly replied:

    Nice review, I have Maudlynne too and really like her (I also got her during the Toy Fair sale, and reviewed her on my blog earlier this month). I have a Little Miss Matched doll also and I could help comparing them, I really don’t think she was worth the prices Tonner is selling her for, but $35 is much better!

  3. mangusta replied:

    I’d like to have one but shipping her to my country is another $35 :/

  4. Anonymous replied:

    I just was given her and I LOVE her…hope Tonner releases an outfit or two soon

  5. Emily Hall replied:

    I just got her in the mail yesterday and I love her. They need to joint the hands and feet in the next one, but just about everything else is perfect to me. (She is still on sale price. $50 + shipping is way too steep for her…) But she makes a perfect older sister for my BJD (hehe pictures on my blog), and she is a welcome addition to the family. c:

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Agreed- 50 is a bit much. I’m waiting for them to release the next doll in the line, which is supposedly her ghost friend!

  6. AnonymousA replied:

    I think that wrist joints would be wonderful, but overall I think maudlynne is perfect! I hope they come out with more clothes and Victoria!

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  11. colossians316nasb replied:

    I’ve been tempted by Maudlynne since she was introduced, as well. This weekend’s 40% off everything sale included discounted items, and that was enough to get me to buy her. I expect her to arrive in a few days. My biggest concern (besides the Tonner warnings that she might have staining…..) is the lack of clothing. I guess I need to get creative! 🙂

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